Here are the key highlights for about joining the acceleration program:


TIMELINE: 3 days - 2 weeks

FOCUS: Must submit startup business plan including all 30 key component parts of the business plan; primary sections are SWOT, full financial plan accompanied with Investment Analysis.


TIMELINE: 2-4 weeks

FOCUS: Our team will review the materials you’ve supplied to give insightful feedback. There are three primary reviews performed: business, financial and technical. If the startup fails at any stage due to missing information, not a validated model, the startup will be contacted for clarification.


TIMELINE: 4-6 weeks

FOCUS: The result of the study will be presented back to the entrepreneurs after the round of funding has been closed.


TIMELINE: 2 -3 months

FOCUS: Once the startup is accepted it can become "accelerated". This means that we can feature it on our website and help it in raising capital on a non-exclusive basis. We will also make other “confidential” information available to the investors on per their request.


Launching an internet start-up is and has always been a challenge. It has become more challenging recently with the introduction of mobile platforms that should be covered. The criteria to launch a tech start-up has become very competitive as end-users expect easier and more intuitive interface.

There are six phases to the process of submission when the entrepreneur approaches our team.

  • Submission

  • Initial Acceptance

  • Planning

  • Mentor Selection

  • Execution

  • Improvement


TIMELINE: 2 days to 2 weeks

FOCUS: The entrepreneur submits key component parts of the business plan; primary sections are SWOT, full financial plan accompanied with Investment Analysis. We learn about the entrepreneurs backgrounds, what motivates and inspires them in life, why they are interested in joining our incubation program.


TIMELINE: 2 - 3 weeks

FOCUS: If the entrepreneur already has in possession 50% of the capital raised from private resources or an investor, then the startup is presented to the board. The board will need a vote of more than 50% of the board support to go onto the next stage of the incubation.


TIMELINE: 3 weeks - 2 months

FOCUS: After the “initially accepted” stage, the board will review and discuss with the entrepreneurs the resources needed to plan the development for the startup. During product development the expectation required will need to be more than minimum viable product (MVP), as the MVP is not fully sufficient in the current market due to competition being more intensive and investors want to see a product that is more robust with greater potential to succeed.


TIMELINE: 2 - 3 months

FOCUS: Our strong recommendation at this stage is adding a mentor to your startup. Through our partner network will consult our array of mentors to introduce the entrepreneur with the available person best suited to support you through the incubation process.


TIMELINE 3-9 months

FOCUS: Once the plan has been devised, our partner network; accompanied by our team; alongside the startup will work together towards booting the startup. Throughout this phase, our network partners will aid the entrepreneur(s) to build alpha (beginning stage) or beta (ending stage) versions that will be used to demo the product to garner consumer feedback. Each alpha and beta versions can be utilized and presented to potential investors.


TIMELINE: As long as the start-up is running

FOCUS: Our network partners will work alongside the entrepreneur continuously to refine the product for the consumer launch. Once the product is in the consumer market, our partners with their technical team will work the entrepreneurs to gather feedback to modify the product to be marketable in the consumer market.