Legacy is not leaving something for people.
It’s leaving something in people.
— Peter Strople


Ahava Holdings & Ventures formalizes the Janét Aizenstros family legacy by establishing a multi-generational commitment to supporting talented women entrepreneurs. We’ve aligned with best-in-class innovators, both in the Canada and internationally.

Our advisors understand the driving force behind impactful business models with the ability to foster human capital with visionary ideas that resourcefully scale with sustainability.


A key component of Janét Aizenstros’s legacy initiative, is the commitment to empower visionary entrepreneurs defined by her families successful entrepreneurial history. Ahava Holdings & Ventures values the process by implementing the best practices commonly displayed within the venture capital industry. Priority is given to companies that prioritize opportunities that solve significant social problems improving agribusiness, energy, digital media, and technology.


Our investment partners are able to fuel women entrepreneurs experiences, through business accelerators and incubation programs offered virtually over the span of two weeks. Startups can use the resources provided through the accelerators for mentorship, market study, feasibility, technical consultation, new sales channels and financing. The purpose is to improve how your business presents itself to pitch to investors within the network as well as garner feedback. This accelerator program has a non-exclusive agreement, so entrepreneurs are still encouraged to seek capital on their own.


The goal here is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build a successful tech start-up. Our key focus is to allow the start-up founders to hone in on the primary areas that refine their products/services, while focusing on business development, sales and other important non-technical aspects. This incubator program is designed to support technical entrepreneurs who don’t have a full team to build the product. The unique model of our syndicated partners is their co-founding and co-funding. Simply put our partners will become a technical co-founder for the startup aid building the companies products from start to finish. Also, they will invest 50% (or in select cases more) capital needed for the startup; even at the idea stage. Obviously, co-founding has benefits and is not limited to only development but rather forward-thinking on the companies launch to market, products and to improve the chances of the startup becoming cashflow positive early on.


Ahava Holdings & Ventures partners will co-found and co-fund start-ups that resonate with our “core values of entrepreneurialism, innovation and a commitment to change the world through ground-breaking ideas.” In return, entrepreneurs place through our partners virtual incubator and accelerator programs with an unrivaled access to mentors, consultants and advisors, introductions to investors and access to complementary business support services. We emphasize investments in best-in-class companies within four focal technology sectors—Agribusiness, Energy, Digital Media, and Technology.

Timeline to Process

Investment Criteria


Ahava Holdings & Ventures reviews numerous of business plans per year, but we only select a few companies that meet our criteria. Determined by the company stage and our investment level, Ahava Holdings & Ventures may acquire a seat on the startup company’s board of directors. Overall, we constructively work with board members, all investors, and upper management.


All potential portfolio companies go through a rigorous screening process. Our goal is to add nine to twelve new portfolio companies per year and make follow-up on investments across a company’s development cycle. Our team of investment professionals has developed a well-established process for company review that begins and ends with aligning our interests with those of the entrepreneurs that we empower.