AHV Family Values


We believe in excellence, integrity and relationships.

In the beginning, there were eight entrepreneurs who decided they were going to transform their families lives. It started with an idea that would change the course of their family legacies forever. Now, we are extending these opportunities to other investors to create generational wealth.

  • We conduct business with the highest level of industry practices.

  • We believe in transparency with any business proposition.

  • We believe that establishing a long-term relationship with all investors over time.

Our desire is to work with families who are seeking ethical investment options to diversify their portfolio while creating life-long partnerships.

The Morgan House, a rare freestanding brownstone in Manhattan, is a New York City Landmark.

The Morgan House, a rare freestanding brownstone in Manhattan, is a New York City Landmark.

What Is A Family Office?

The modern concept of family office was developed in the 19th century. In 1838, the family of a financier and art collector, J.P. Morgan, founded the “Morgan House” to manage the assets of the family. Later, in 1882, the Rockefeller family also founded their own family office still existing today. For the past 20 years, the concept has been growing rapidly outside of the USA and Europe, especially in emerging markets and financial centres such as Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

A family office meets the financial needs of one or several families but goes beyond the typical wealth management. The coordination of the services and the customization of solutions are the pillars of its action for all families who are jointly involved.

In fact, a family office adopts a 360° approach to the management of its clients’ assets: it proposes integrated services based on the financial needs of each family. These needs can range from the structuring of legal entities and the preparation of succession to real estate management and investment portfolio management, among others.

Additionally, families using the services within their curated family office have extensive, highly diversified assets, and their administration is complex. The role of the family office is to propose unique solutions, tailored to each family and all members involved.